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Two Protein Myths That Need To Die

I used to believe these myself, as quite often, mainstream media will spout a lot of nonsense with no scientific backing.

Eventually, you have heard it so many times you think it must be true. 

Let’s start with number one, which will definitely be holding you back. 

1. You Can Only Absorb 30g Of Protein Per Meal. The Rest Is A Waste Or Will Make You Fat 

What most people mean when they say absorb is it can be used to build more muscle? 

To maximally turn on protein synthesis, you need between 25g and 50g of protein per meal, depending on your body weight. 

However, if you need to hit your protein total for the day, 2.2g of protein per kg of body weight is optimal for building muscle, according to research.

You may need more than 25g and 50g per meal to hit your total for the day.

2. High Protein Diets Damage Your Kidneys

Absolute nonsense. 

A Meta-analysis which contained many Randomised control trials over several decades and many different populations shows high protein diets do not harm healthy kidneys. 

Even people with up to stage 3 kidney failure do not get affected by high protein intake.

It can actually help with recovery and repair.

Designing a diet that has the correct amount of protein for your needs will help you build a lean athletic physique. 

It will also help you recover from hard training. 

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Want to know more about nutrition and training so you can make smarter choice the rest of your life? 

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