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Transform your fitness journey with our elite online personal training programme, designed to deliver unparalleled results anywhere, anytime.


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In order to grow, one must be willing to step out of their comfort zone and face challenges head-on.

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武士の精神 Kaizen Warrior
The Kaizen Warrior

Our signature Kaizen Warrior Online Training programme adapted to your goals and needs.

Start your BTX body transformation journey no matter where you are in the world. Our bespoke online fitness training programme will be designed to suit your lifestyle and goals, and provide you with the same proven methods that have helped hundreds of our clients achieve incredible results.

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Online personal training offers a flexible and convenient way for you to receive personalised fitness guidance and support from our trainers, regardless of your location.

Common Questions


Online Coaching is ideal for individuals with a year or more experience lifting weights already under their belt. If you are new to the weight room, then it is vital that you seek 1-1 in-gym personal training in order to learn the correct form and technique first.

If you do have experience, but need a plan that can generate long and lasting body transformation results, then this could be for you. Online coaching takes the guess-work out of your training, habits, nutrition and recovery under the watchful eye of our top rated personal trainers.

The world of exercise science is vast and constantly growing. Our top rated team of personal trainers keep up to date with the latest in nutrition, weightlifting and exercise science in general, so we can apply the latest principles to help our clients.

Lastly, the Kaizen Warrior – our personalised online coaching is VERY different to an average online programme you’ll find on the internet. The latter often provides no ongoing support or assistance. At BTX, we’re proud to provide continuous help and advice to our online clients. 

Your BTX online coach will hold you accountable, adjust your training and / or diet when needed and help you achieve your specific goals together.

Our Kaizen Warrior online coaching package includes:

  • Bespoke diet, workout and supplementation plan
  • Private check-ins once per week
  • Complete WhatsApp support for any queries
  • Form check videos


What Our Clients Say

What Our
Clients Say

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