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Welcome to BTX Online Personal Training, designed to generate our in-person body transformation results from anywhere in the world. 
Our top-rated personal trainers will be with you every step of the way to help you achieve an incredible body transformation.
If you are:
  • Ready to take control of your health and life
  • Results driven and ready for change
  • Sick of endless fitness fads or lazy personal trainers…
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Our signature, results-generating personal training programme
adapted to your needs and delivered online.

We help you with..

Your online coach will get to know you in-depth via our consultation assessment form. This will form the foundation of the rest of your 12 week body transformation process.

Based off the initial consultation, we will provide you with a bespoke nutrition plan designed around your life and goals.

Our coaches will define the health supplements to assist you along the journey. These usually include vital vitamins you may be deficient in, immune support, gut health, and nutritional support such as a whey protein supplement.

Next, we prescribe you a bespoke training regime. This programme will be specifically designed with YOUR goals in mind. Whether it be improving strength or conditioning, body composition or for an upcoming event or holiday.

Our team will check in on you each week. See how you are progressing and make any necessary changes needed to your diet or training to continue along the road towards your body transformation goals.

Become the version of yourself you never thought you could be.

The person who demands respect in every room they walk into.

The person who turns heads as they walk down the street.

The person who brings an infectious energy into their work, relationship and life.

BTX Online Coaching:
Your Personal Training Package

Our personalised online coaching programme with certified PTs can be done from anywhere in the world and offers greater scheduling flexibility while delivering the same in-gym personal training results.


12 week block
£ 1500 inc VAT when paid upfront
  • For those looking to make a long term and complete transformation of their life from anywhere in the world
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Video based exercise form checks
  • Weekly workout log updates
  • Weekly nutrition review

Over 100 5-star Google reviews

thomas allwood
thomas allwood
13 July 2023
Best gym in London for transformation. Facilities are first class and trainers are best in class - Mariyan has been quality. Fully recommend
Vlad Andrei
Vlad Andrei
17 June 2023
My experience with Btx as well as with Reshma is amazing so far, having the guidance and involvement from the team at Btx is an amazing thing, I have been able to see result while training with Reshma within the first 3 weeks as she is such an amazing person as well as a experienced trainer, she pushed my limits while also taking care of my previous injuries, the diet was a bit hard at first but she was very opened to give me some tips on how to make it easier, I would say from personal experience with Btx as well as with Reshma that they are a devoted team and as long as you have the commitment and the proper support from people working the Btx team you will get where you want in terms of your goals.
5 June 2023
3 weeks in and I feel so much better already. Have had a great experience training with Reshma so far. Always pushing my boundaries and really ensuring that my form is correct. Very glad to have signed up!
Chris Fairclough
Chris Fairclough
24 May 2023
I have always been able to accomplish anything I put my mind to but getting into shape has been the one obstacle I’ve always struggled with all my life until I met James Cooper at Hampstead personal training. James knows his stuff from nutrition to training and motivation. I can’t recommend him enough… Not only am I getting into the best shape of my life I’m seeing the nutritional and health benefits also. It’s the best investment I ever made. Thanks, JC for all your help!
Pete M
Pete M
17 May 2023
the best in all of London. I had tried almost every diet out there and I'm relatively in shape but just struggled to stay consistent diet-wise. since I started I've noticed increases in strength, speed and my body composition is changing too. My gas tank is also so much better and I'm able to row and train in bjj for long periods of time. I'm also not shying away from foods which has helped me to stay consistent. I now look leaner but fuller at the same time. Can't recommend highly enough
nigel salem
nigel salem
1 May 2023
BTX has really helped me to achieve sustained and effective training based on focused nutrition. Their dedication and commitment really shines through, which creates a positive and enjoyable experience. They want the results as much as you do and will work out the best route to those goals! Along with Giuseppe, James and the rest of the team I would highly recommend this camp to anyone serious about making a real change.
Danielle Vides
Danielle Vides
27 April 2023
It is now a month since I started with Reshma. Wasn't too sure how BTX was going to help me as I have been a gym nutter for over 40 years and think I know it all! Well, I was in for a surprise, Reshma is brilliant, with small little changes to my technique, I have managed to shift 1/2 a stone in weight along with my recommended eating programme. She is incredibly knowledgeable on recipes, on eating well, on trying new products and as a vegetarian, she has helped me up my protein which I think I have suffered a deficiency of for years. Forget the days of post menopause tummy - I am heading for my six-pack - Reshma you are one amazing trainer in every sense!!
Lorenzo Bernaudo
Lorenzo Bernaudo
10 March 2023
I have started a body transformation plan 3 months ago with PT Giuseppe Marchesani member of the BTX team,I must say I have never felt so good into my life! In about 3 months I lost 10Kg obtaining a great muscle definition as a first part of the program,before the bulking phase. I am very grateful to have Giuseppe as my PT: he weekly monitors my weight and definition,updating weights exercises etc. Giuseppe is very reliable and professional. He but also James and all the others from BTX know very very well what they do and how to tailor the program to each person. Highly reccomended!
10 February 2023
I’ve been working with Giuseppe for two months now and have already achieved progress I couldn’t do in two years on my own (consider myself advanced at the gym). You need a coach who has the knowledge base to help you be as efficient with time and energy to reach your specific goal (it’s not just about going to the gym everyday). The team are friendly where you can be open with your challenges for them to really help tailor a programme for you (including weight sessions, cardio, diet, nutrition and supplements) Anyone looking to change their body (and mindset) should look no further. Assaf
matt graham
matt graham
13 December 2022
I've worked with a few fitness coaches over the last 10 years or so and can honestly say that Giuseppe, James and the team in North London are absolutely elite-level. I have achieved the best results in the 20 years I've been training since I started working with Giuseppe. The attention to detail in the personal training sessions themselves as well as nutrition, supplementation and no BS general advice set these guys apart. Coming from a military background i thought I was training well and knew what I was doing, but there are levels to this and the BTX team is at the pinnacle of their profession. There are many snake oil salespeople in the world of fitness but these guys are the real deal, absolute experts - by using simple, effective and sustainable systems my results have been supercharged and I'm in the best shape of my life. I initially signed up for a 12-week transformation - but now that I've found BTX I'll absolutely be working with them on a permanent basis. Excited to see the results we can achieve long term. Thanks, Giuseppe and team.

Meet the BTX Kaizen Warriors

See some stunning body transformations from our online personal training clients. 


Elite Online Coaching

Start your BTX body transformation journey no matter where you are in the world. 

Our bespoke online fitness training programme will be designed to suit your lifestyle and goals and provide you with the same proven methods that have helped thousands of our clients achieve incredible results.

Online Personal Training FAQs

Online Coaching is ideal for individuals with a year or more experience lifting weights already under their belt. If you are new to the weight room, then it is vital that you seek 1-1 in-gym personal training in order to learn the correct form and technique first.

If you do have experience, but need a plan that can generate long and lasting body transformation results, then this could be for you. Online coaching takes the guess-work out of your training, habits, nutrition and recovery under the watchful eye of our top rated personal trainers.

The world of exercise science is vast and constantly growing. Our team of personal trainers keep up to date with the latest in nutrition, weightlifting and exercise science in general, so we can apply the latest principles to help our clients.

Lastly, the Kaizen Warrior – our personalised online coaching is VERY different to an average online programme you’ll find on the internet. The latter often provides no ongoing support or assistance. At BTX, we’re proud to provide continuous help and advice to our online clients. 

Your BTX online coach will hold you accountable, adjust your training and / or diet when needed and help you achieve your specific goals together.

Our Kaizen Warrior online coaching package includes:

  • Bespoke diet, workout and supplementation plan
  • Private check-ins once per week
  • Complete WhatsApp support for any queries
  • Form check videos

We’ll chose a personal trainer that we think will be best suited to your individual case, however, if you feel compelled to ask for a specific coach from our personal trainers team, we are very happy to accommodate your choice (subject to availability).

Online coaching with BTX works through a combination of video conferencing, phone calls and emails. Your dedicated online PT will work closely with you on implementing a bespoke training program that suits your goals and your lifestyle. as well share resources such as worksheets or pre-recorded videos so you can work on your own and do weekly check-ins to monitor your progress.

Yes, for your online coaching sessions you will need a gym membership or access to gym equipment. 

We hold our clients accountable with personalised targets and check ins every week for the Online Kaizen Warrior program.

This is all down to two factors. Your compliance with our strategy for your body transformation and your genetics. We expect our clients in a fat loss phase to average between .5 to 1kg of weight loss per week, while with our bulking phase we aim for .3 to .5 per week of muscle gained. Check out this gallery of incredible body transformations from BTX clients to see what results you can get by training with us.

We’re here to help so you can contact us via agreed messaging platforms and at the times suitable for both your online coach and you. We will discuss specific terms during our first session. 

The key difference is the method of delivery. While online coaching is done remotely, our in-person coaching involves 1-1 sessions at our Hampstead personal training gym. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages; for example, online coaching offers more flexibility and convenience, while in-person coaching may allow for more nuanced interaction.

You will. It will be a calorie and macronutrient counted list of all the foods (and the quantities) you can eat daily, while remaining within the parameters we set up for you. 

Our onboarding process will clear up all dietary requirements so that we can best advice you on a plan that suits you best. 

Yes. We will guide you on the specifics in person, but we always allow our clients to lead as normal of a life as they can as the only transformations we are interested in are the sustainable ones. There would be very little point in coaching someone to do something that they can barely get away with all year round. 

Yes, we will provide you with our best protocol to make sure you can still enjoy a night out without throwing away your hard earned progress. 

Our PTs will track your workouts and progress with your personal folder which contains your workout, updated workout log, updated scans. We also have a client success meeting weekly to discuss our client’s individual results and strategise (should we need to) on how to forward the transformation as quickly as possible. 

No. Rest is a vital part of growth and recovery, without which you can never see any measurable results. The amount of resistance training sessions we assign is down to the individual’s goal and experience level 

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