The Elite Performance Training Guide

Designed for Elite Performers Looking to Master Every Aspect of Their Life

The Elite Performance Training Guide

The Ultimate BTX Training Guide

A one-stop resource for every aspect of training  – master the warm-ups, stretching, splits, exercises, reps, recovery & more.

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Are you confused by all the information that is out there about training?

Do you find yourself chopping and changing between different programmes, but nothing really seems to work?

Do you get confused about how many sets and reps you need to be doing?

Do you wonder whether you need to do cardio to lose fat?

Would you like to know if you need to train abs for a 6 pack?

I hear you, we’ve all been there. After many years of coaching people, I’ve heard it all.

You’re tired of trying to “work it out”, you want to know what works, and what doesn’t, and you want a plan to follow that will maximise your results.

Well, I’m happy to let you know that the Elite Body Project training guide is here.

What's inside?

Our training guide gives you science backed protocols and ready made templates which you take to the gym to drastically improve your cardio, workouts and more.

Research Journals Cited
Training Protocols
Ready Made Templates
Pages of Invaluable Knowledge

Chapter 1 – How To Warm Up

Chapter 2 – The Science Behind Designing Your Programme

Chapter 3 – What’s The Best Training Split?

Chapter 4 – How To Get Elite Level Conditioning

Chapter 5 – How To Train Abs

Chapter 6 – Do I Need To Stretch?

Chapter 7 – Sauna & Cold Therapy Protocol

Chapter 8 – How To Optimise Your Sleep

No more guesswork! This will be the only training resource you’ll EVER need.

Every aspect of the guide is backed by scientific research.

I’ve been through everything with myself and my own clients, so it’s tried and tested with great success.

Get your copy today!


Don’t just take our word for it. See the before and after body transformation photos and success stories from our clients who used our guide.

1 year body transformation before and after hampstead London personal training


Agency owner

"The Elite Performance Training Guide is my go to resource for all aspects of training. I have it saved on to my phone at all times and I refer back to it almost every session for tips or protocols on specific training queries I have during my session.

It is like having my own elite level personal trainer in my pocket. Right now, I am following the conditioning protocol to a T and the results have been incredible. Not just in my physique but also in my productivity at work."
"This training guide has completely transformed my physique but also my knowledge around training and recovery.

I used to go into the gym and just pick the machines which weren't being used! I wouldn't have a clue as to whether I was going hard enough or for enough reps. Now I have the exact protocol needed and the understanding behind it."


Marketing Executive

body transformation before and after hampstead London personal training


Business Owner

"James Cooper & BTX's Training Guide has honestly taught me more about training than my last 5 personal trainers combined.

Not only have my results been mind blowing, following BTX's protocols, I am now the go-to guy in the gym for younger less-experienced gym-goers seeking advice! Not only do I know WHAT to do, but also WHY I am doing it!"

Are you ready to take your training to the next level?

About the Author

James Cooper is a qualified Clinical Nutritionist with a degree from King’s College London. He has a deep understanding of nutrition and supplementation for maximum performance.

He is referred to as the “model trainer” in Muscle and Fitness magazine and has become the go-to person for celebrities in need of shaping up for special events or photoshoots.

His long list of clients includes TV personality Calum Best, Busted band member Matt Willis, models Rick Hall and Chris Percival.

An athlete himself, James has competed in European and British Powerlifting finals and has a 3rd dan black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, receiving this rank from 10x world champion Roger Gracie.

His intrinsic understanding of strength and conditioning has allowed James to specialise in training both high-level athletes, as well as top investment bankers, Lawyers and CEOs. James has them performing at the highest level inside and outside the gym.

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