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Deji’s Six-Pack Challenge with KSI at BTX

UK-based YouTuber Deji (formerly ComedyShortsGamer) has recently taken up a challenge proposed by his brother and fellow YouTuber JJ (KSI). The bet? To achieve a six-pack. While Deji is no stranger to training—like JJ, he too is a boxer—the YouTuber recently revealed that he almost lost track of his fitness when he visited Las Vegas earlier this year. The 27-year-old admitted that the vibrant city's allure led to some lapses in his workout routine and diet.

Determined to get back on track and win the bet, Deji has chosen none other than BTX Body Transformation London as his training camp. With BTX's expertise in personalised fitness programmes and elite training methods, Deji is set to embark on a rigorous journey to achieve his fitness goals and prove his brother wrong.

Deji at BTX London

Stay tuned as Deji works with BTX to transform his physique and reach peak performance, showcasing the power of dedication, expert guidance, and the right training environment.

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