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Is Tap Water Safe To Drink?

All tap water is bad for us. 

Unfortunately this is true, it’s not just click bait. 

So, why is tap water harmful? 

Endocrine System

A study from 2020 on “Endocrine disrupters and their affect on the reproductive system”, shows that tap water contains chemicals called endocrine disruptors which can affect fertility.

These chemicals are added to disinfect the water, however it comes at a price as they can cause endocrine disruption. The wide-ranging effects of endocrine disruption can include:

  • Developmental Malformations: Exposure during critical periods of development, such as during fetal development and puberty, can have lasting effects, including malformations in the reproductive organs, early onset puberty, and developmental delays.
  • Reproductive Health Issues: Endocrine disruptors can lead to reduced fertility, increased incidence of endometriosis, and other reproductive health problems in both men and women.
  • Neurological and Behavioural Changes: Hormonal disruptions can affect brain development and the nervous system, leading to changes in behaviour, attention, intelligence, and motor skills.
  • Immune System Impairment: Disrupted hormonal signals can affect immune system function, leading to increased susceptibility to infections, autoimmune diseases, or a diminished capacity to fight off diseases.
  • Metabolic Issues: Endocrine disruptors can contribute to obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, and other metabolic syndromes by interfering with hormone functions related to metabolism.
  • Increased Cancer Risk: Some endocrine disruptors have been linked to an increased risk of certain cancers, particularly those sensitive to hormonal influences, such as breast, prostate, and ovarian cancers.

Metabolic Rate

A case control study in 2018 on the “impact of drinking water fluoride on human thyroid hormones”, found that tap water also contains fluoride which affects production of thyroid hormone and can cause Hypothyroidism.

Thyroid hormone is an incredibly important hormone in controlling metabolic rate.

The thyroid gland plays a crucial role in regulating metabolic rate, which in turn can significantly affect weight management. The thyroid produces hormones, primarily thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3), which regulate the body’s metabolic processes. 

Thyroid hormones directly influence the body’s metabolic rate, which is the rate at which the body burns calories to maintain basic physiological functions at rest, known as the basal metabolic rate (BMR).

An increased secretion of thyroid hormones elevates the metabolic rate, leading to higher energy expenditure, even when at rest.

The great news is you can make some small changes that will make your tap water safe to drink. 

Making tap water safe to drink involves several steps to remove contaminants and improve its quality. 

While most municipal water systems in developed countries treat water to make it safe for consumption, there are additional measures you can take at home, especially if you have concerns about your local water supply. 

Water Filters

Use a water filter that can remove specific contaminants present in your water. Filters with activated carbon can remove chemicals like chlorine and particulates. There are various types of filters available, including pitcher filters, faucet-mounted filters, under-the-sink systems, and whole-house filtration systems. Ensure the filter is certified to remove contaminants of concern in your area.

Everyone should be filtering their water but which filter actually works?

Brita filters filter out DBPs, but not Fluoride 

Berkey filters are great at removing DBPs and fluoride.

Another water filter which is fantastic is the Zero filter which is what I personally use.

If you’re willing to spend a a bit more, the gold standard is a reverse osmosis filter that you can get linked to your house supply or there are table top ones. You can find a great water filter at Planet Organic


I used to be skeptical when it came to people saying tap water was bad for you, but now there is more and more research coming out that we should be filtering our water to avoid endocrine disruptors and fluoride in tap water.

Drinking filtered water is a wise choice for maintaining optimal health and well-being. By using a quality water filter, you can significantly reduce the presence of harmful contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and chemical pollutants, ensuring your water is safe to drink.

This not only safeguards your health, reducing the risk of gastrointestinal diseases and long-term health issues but also enhances the taste and odour of your water, making hydration a more pleasant experience.

Filtered water is also more environmentally friendly compared to bottled water, dramatically reducing plastic waste and the environmental toll of manufacturing and transporting bottled products.

Moreover, filtered water is cost-effective in the long run, offering a convenient and reliable source of clean water right from your tap.

Additionally, using filtered water for cooking can improve the taste of your food and protect against waterborne contaminants.

Considering these benefits, investing in a water filtration system is a small but significant step towards a healthier lifestyle.

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