James Cooper (Head Trainer)

Josh Bryant is a qualified personal trainer and physiotherapist with a keen interest in health and fitness. He has worked as a personal trainer for 10 years and has been a Physio for 6 years. The combination of professions has given him very good knowledge In biomechanics and rehabilitation.

Josh is a Myprotein sponsored athlete and won the UKBFF Men’s Physique Kent Classic Championship in 2017 and placed top 10 in the British Final Championships so you can be sure he knows how to get you in the best shape of your life.

As well as bodybuilding, Josh also has a sporting background in rugby, gymnastics and Thai boxing so he has experience with sports related drills to improve performance. He has also worked with Charlton Athletic Football Club and the London Marathon as a physiotherapist so you are in good hands. From muscle building and fat loss to rehabilitation and injury prevention, Josh covers all bases.

The perfect combination of science and spiritualism.

Laurence holistic approach encompasses the total transformation of both body and mind.
A careful balance of compassion and tough love which is offers no illusion to the hard journey ahead but offers a realistic and manageable solution to more complex issues that considers your happiness and a necessary injection of confidence as his highest priority.

His session style are fun and friendly but have no doubts your going to learn to work harder then you ever have before. He help you understand how to create the perfect balance of hard work and recovery which he believes is as individual as your fingerprint. He will show you when is the perfect time to put it all on the line, giving him your blood sweat and tears but equality when to pull back weather that be just 10% or into a put things into reverse developing a needed skillset of self love and care allowing the body to regenerate and regulate hormones that can hold us back been consistent with the transformation process. He uses his own judgement fine tuned by a wealth of a experience combined with more scientific biological feed back the body gives us though markers such as fasted blood glucose levels, heart rate variability, blood pressure, temperature and key physiological symptoms.

We have rarely seen Laurence not deliver on transformations we could considered the have some of the deepest complexities ranging from auto immunes diseases, eating disorders, chronic gut issues and sleep disorders and those who suffer with anxiety or depression.

David (Personal Trainer)


I’m Dr Matt Milner MBBS FRCEM. I studied medicine at St George’s hospital medical school and qualified in 2000.
I spent the next ten years of my career in specialist emergency medicine training across the south-east of England and Australia.
I currently work as an Emergency department consultant and director of major trauma for Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS trust.
Other medical pursuits of mine include large-scale medical event cover, education, writing for Flex magazine and previously as a rugby club medic and featuring in the BBC series ‘Hospital Heroes’.
My main passion however in medicine is promoting health and lifestyle awareness. I have a specialist interest in health-span, longevity, conditioning and PED safety. I run a clinic devoted to this in northwest Kent.
Outside of work I enjoy functional gym work, endurance events and devouring a plate of sushi

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