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Josh Bryant is a qualified personal trainer and physiotherapist with a keen interest in health and fitness. He has worked as a personal trainer for 10 years and has been a Physio for 6 years. The combination of professions has given him very good knowledge In biomechanics and rehabilitation.

Josh is a Myprotein sponsored athlete and won the UKBFF Men’s Physique Kent Classic Championship in 2017 and placed top 10 in the British Final Championships so you can be sure he knows how to get you in the best shape of your life.

As well as bodybuilding, Josh also has a sporting background in rugby, gymnastics and Thai boxing so he has experience with sports related drills to improve performance. He has also worked with Charlton Athletic Football Club and the London Marathon as a physiotherapist so you are in good hands. From muscle building and fat loss to rehabilitation and injury prevention, Josh covers all bases.

Physio Therapists

Rebecca Bossick is a specialist sports physiotherapist who has worked with many professional and semi-professional sports people. Rebecca has treated UFC fighters, Brazilian ju-jitsu and Muay Thai fighters, ultra-endurance athletes, cyclists, climbers and ice climbers, professional weightlifters and powerlifters as well as England rugby players.

Working as a physiotherapist in the City for over 6 years, Rebecca receives numerous referrals from top Harley Street Orthopaedic Consultants and from London Bridge Hospital and Fortius Clinic.4

Rebecca provides corporate physiotherapy for large businesses and is a qualified work place assessor.
Rebecca’s specialist interests are in complex post- and pre-operative conditions, holistic management (including acupuncture
for recovery and pain), and manual therapy such as sports massage and spinal manipulation. She is skilled in running analysis and also has a post-graduate qualification in injection therapy.

Rebecca has extensive skills in diagnosis and exercise rehab. In her spare time she works as a Consultant Cosmetic Acupuncturist and treats clients for their skin, digestive health, sleep and stress.

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