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Diet Coke Causes Cancer According To The WHO

WHO’s cancer research agency and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) determined aspartame to be a possible carcinogen after reviewing and assessing the potential carcinogenic effect of the sweetener but says it’s safe to consume in limited amounts.

The amount you would have to consume per day has to be 9 cans of Diet Coke or more to have any possible cancer-causing effects.

So, what does this all mean?

Just to put it into context alcohol is a much stronger carcinogen than aspartame in Diet Coke.

Also being obese is a much greater risk factor in causing cancer.

Being obese causes an increased risk of cancer of 17% which is massive. 

Excuse the pun.

If consuming a few diet fizzy drinks help you to stay lean, then this is a no brainer. 

As being obese is much more likely to increase your risk of cancer than drinking a couple of diet cokes.

In conclusion would I steer on the side of caution with diet fizzy drinks, yes!

I would but I don’t think having a few every so often is an issue.

Being overweight and drinking alcohol is a much bigger problem. 

If drinking some Diet coke helps you keep on track with your nutrition and stops you drinking alcohol on nights out. 

You should definitely go for it.

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