17 Month body transformation

From a shy overweight boy to a confident young man

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Anthony came to BTX when he was 16 and was at 36.9% body fat.

His parents, Natalia and Arthur, are both BTX clients and knew how much getting their son into training would change his life.

Over the period of 17 months, he dropped to 11.2% body fat.

To date, Anthony lost 25% of body fat and gained 9.5kg of pure muscle!

Watch this video to hear about Anthony’s incredible journey as he visits our head coach, James, in Dubai.

We are so proud of what an incredible man he’s turning into.

All our clients are disciplined, driven individuals who demand the best in every aspect of their lives.

Due to their drive to succeed in their careers, they often neglect their health.

They start to realise that the bottleneck for their development is their physical well-being.

Our team at BTX develops a strategy with precise nutrition training and supplement protocols to build a physique and mindset that provides a platform for excellence in everything they do.

Find out more about our 1-1 online personal training or enquire about in-person coaching at our private Hampstead gym.

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