12 week body transformation

Max joined BTX with one clear idea in mind...

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Max wanted to get fit while sculpting some abs, all of which he had been unable to do over the previous few years.

Being a high-level blue belt in Brazilian JJ under Roger Gracie, Max is no stranger to working hard, and yet he had been unable to add the final piece of the puzzle to his life. 

He has also built his own company from the ground up, so he was puzzled when he found himself not looking or feeling like he had been working as hard as he did.

Enter his first phone call with Giuseppe at BTX. 

Max decided he had finally had enough and admitted he needed guidance in building his 3 months fitness journey to the fitness level and ab development he had been yearning for.

The plan with him was very simple. Adapt his weight training to his goals, teach him all we know about nutrition so he can make smarter choices day in and day out, and repeat the process. 

Now, here we are, 3 months later. He is finally the guy that never rounds out of energy during BJJ classes and he is looking forward to taking off his shirt in the upcoming holiday.

12 week body transformation
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