12 week body transformation

Mark thought that it's too late to get in shape in his 50s...

Mark is a medical doctor and BJJ black belt who went through a stunning 12-week body transformation using our signature online personal training programme, The Kaizen Warrior.

Over time Mark got out of shape and thought this would never happen to him. He thought being in his 50s, it was too late to get back in shape.

He had tried the usual two diets:

❌ Low carb

❌ Intermittent fasting

After 8 years, he realised he needed help.

At BTX Body Transformation we provided:

✅ A sustainable diet he could stick to long term. No fad diets or easy fixes.

✅ Correct weight training to have him dominating on the BJJ mats.

✅ Support and accountability to stop Mark from straying back into old habits.

Mark is now in his 6th week of the online coaching programme. He dropped 8% body fat and added 2kg of muscle compared to when he first entered Kaizen Warrior.

His aim is to get to sub-10% body fat and stay in shape year-round which is now a breeze as he loves his food and never feels restricted.

His wife, Clare (also a doctor and BJJ fanatic) is also on the same journey with BTX which makes it much easier for both of them to follow and support each other.

12 week body transformation
12 week body transformation
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