10 Month body transformation

JP on his BTX body transformation:
"I'm in the best shape of my life!"

10 month body transformation london
10 month body transformation london

37-year-old JP, one of our in-person personal training clients, went from 22 % body fat to 11.9 % in 11 months and is now, in his own words, in “the best shape of my life!”

Just have a look at his inbody scan. Numbers don’t lie!

btx body scan image

When JP joined our BTX family, he had reached a boiling point in his fitness journey. He thought it would be very difficult for him to achieve the following goals: 

✅ Get below 12% body fat at 37 

✅ Add muscle mass while losing weight and body fat

✅ Achieve his goals with a demanding work schedule and his love for travelling

JP is a finance manager at one of the biggest, most well-known companies in the world. 

He is also no beginner to training – pre-Covid, he was doing CrossFit 3 times per week.   

JP believed his knowledge in training should be enough to get him to the physique he had been aiming for, but he kept failing to achieve his goals.

Where did it all go wrong?

⛔️ JP used to prioritise training over energy and macronutrient balance

⛔️ He didn’t have a step-by-step plan that would lead him to hit his goals

As a consequence, he was frustrated with the process.

When we started working with JP, we had to work on some of his own limiting beliefs, which are often case the only thing standing in the way of our client’s body transformation.

Before joining BTX, he thought:

⛔️ He had left it too late, approaching his 40s, to get to below 12% body fat

⛔️He had to switch his focus only on weight lifting

⛔️ He would have to revolutionise his life to achieve the body transformation he wanted

Nothing could be further from the truth. A real transformation is one that is both physical AND fits your lifestyle.

What we got him to do is very simple:

✅ We kept all the healthy foods that he loved, but we worked on the energy balance as well.

✅ We got him to lift weights 3x per week and planned specific cardio training into his program. 

✅ We made sure his sleep and recovery were on point so that he had the energy and capacity for his program.

JP, it was and is an absolute pleasure working with you. 

Upwards and onwards!

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